Friday 28 January 2005

From the mountain to the air

Just as an antidote to the whole U2 ticketing fiasco, today I bought some tickets to see Thirteen Senses at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms in March. If you were a lazy journalist, you'd probably say that they were a cross between Coldplay and Keane and, perhaps because of this, they've been tipped in various places as being destined for stadiums. There's certainly some similarity with those bands - there's a lot of piano on the record - but the comparison that springs to my mind is Mercury Rev, mainly because the singer has a similar sounding voice: slightly dreamy and otherworldly.

The Rescue Rooms are a pretty small venue just next to Rock City, and can't have a capacity of more than a couple of hundred people - I'm actually off to see The Dears there next Sunday. Some bands are meant to be seen in stadiums (and I think I'm happy to count Bongo and crew in that number), and other bands it's nice to get to see in a more intimate setting.

The main reason that this is a welcome change from buying tickets to see U2?

It's costing me £9.


That's a few bands I've got lined up for 2005 now: The Dears, Athlete, Thirteen Senses, R.E.M. and U2.... Glastonbury tickets are going on sale in April, and fingers crossed they're a bit less stressful to get hold of than they were last year, eh?


I hope y'all have a good weekend. I'm off to help the Ultimate Olympian celebrate his 30th birthday at an exclusive (ahem) black tie dinner in Oxford. Hopefully we'll lay some plans for the London Triathlon (it's in August and I've decided to do it as part of Team Ultimate Olympian - just me and John so far - to raise money for the Sobell House Hospice charity. Watch this space for shameless sponsorship begging). We also need to do some talking about getting stuck into the various canoeing and kayaking disciplines. The National Water Sports centre is in Nottingham and I had a brilliant phone conversation with the slalom coach of the GB canoeing team earlier this week (as you do), and it looks really hopeful that we'll be able to sort something out for later on this year.

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