Tuesday 15 November 2005

when you cut your lover slack, you'll get a monster back

Over at The Art of Noise they’ve just started a new feature where each week a panel of contributors will write a short music-centred piece…. Could be about a band, an album, a song, a venue, a genre, an instrument – the only limitation is that the chosen subject must begin with the letter of the week.

This being the first week, we’re doing the letter ‘A’.

So if you want to read Alison on Adam and the Ants, Dr Migs on Alabama 3, Ben on Amplification, Phill on Anderson / Butler, Jez on ….anyone, Jonathan on ‘Apple Venus Vol 1’, Pete on Asian Dub Foundation & yours truly on The Auteurs, then you’d best head over there and check it out.

Apparently we’re moving onto the letter ‘B’ next week, and they’re still looking for contributors....

hmmm. What shall I do?

The Bluetones?
Blackpool Empress Ballroom?
Billy Bragg?
'Back in Black'?
'Blood Sugar Sex Magick'?
'Blue Monday'?
'Beyond the Sea'?
The blues?
The bass guitar?

So many choices, so many choices...

Any suggestions?

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