Tuesday 24 January 2006

into the trees, into the trees...

Before going any further, I feel that I should point out that last week's "Blog Of The Week", Girl With A One-Track Mind, has just been nominated for a bloggie - "Best British or Irish Weblog" - in the Sixth Annual Weblog Awards. I don't think it has anything to do with me, but I think you should go over there and vote for her anyway.

On with today's business then.

Blog of the Week #4 -- Ditch Monkey

"This started out as a project to live in the Woods for six weeks in order to raise sponsorship for the woodland trust. Six weeks was easy(ish) so now the project is being extended for as long as I can last - the aim being for 1 year. I live in the woods, I have no other address it is where I live. 12 months is the target, the question is how long will I last..."

This is another one that you might have seen sitting around on my blogroll for a little while, but I thought it was high time I pulled this out for your attention. It pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin: he's a bloke with a good job in a world famous auction house in London and one day he decides to go and live in a wood for a year.

That's it.

He has no house. He has no other address. He lives in some woods near Oxford. Every day he gets up from his bivouac, leaves his little campsite behind and catches the bus into London to go to work. At night he leaves work, maybe has a drink or two in town, heads back to Oxford and goes to sleep in the woods.

It was -6 degrees celcius in Oxford last night. His breakfast banana froze.

Over the last few months, we've watched him struggle to carve a spoon, struggle with his hammock, struggle to make his bivvy bag waterproof without asphyxiating himself and struggle to cook a decent meal.

On the plus side, he has made friends with a tree called Bruce.

Blog of the week, and clearly a loony.

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