Tuesday 2 May 2006

and all I thought I had to do was smile....

Blog of the Week #15 - Thoughts of Chairman Tao

'waiting for the great leap forward'

So what do we know?

He's a 'Middle Class Middle Manager'. He likes The Smiths and his tagline is a quote from a Billy Bragg song. "A Prayer for Owen Meany" is one of his favourite books. A pointless personality test at work has just revealed him to be 'intovert-analytical'.


I have to tell you, it's a little bit like looking in a mirror.

Ever since I finished my NaNoWriMo novel, I have been talking about getting started on another book. All I need to do is to put my mind to it and to get writing. They say you should stick to what you know, and one of the ideas that I have been toying with is to write something about a guy with a pointless office based existence. Sure, I might toss in something surreal here and there, but basically it would be a story set in the bizarre and unnatural world of the ordinary office.

This blog is filled with plenty of stuff that I can relate to and exactly the kinds of things that I think I might be writing about (albeit without the giant crows who swoop down and pick off cars from the rush hour traffic on the flyover...)

Perhaps I should stop reading it rather than risk wholesale plagiarism? Given the fact that I haven't actually started writing this damn book yet and I like what I read here.... perhaps I'll take the chance.

It might not be your cup of tea if you have never worked in an office (although surely everyone can appreciate the absurdity of them, right?), but I liked it.


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