Tuesday 23 May 2006

boot the grime of the world in the crotch dear....

Blog of the Week #18 - Helfire's Blogging and Stuff

Look. I know it's only been about 5 minutes since I said that I wouldn't be doing one of these tonight.... and here I am.


Anyway. I bumbled across this blog a couple of weeks ago when Hel Fire was good enough to leave me a comment about something. I dutifully followed the link back to her profile and on to this blog (she has a few on the go).

Oh my.

Unless I'm very mistaken, here's someone deep, deep in the the clutches of a Morrissey obsession. You may think differently, but I was charmed. Without wanting to sound as though I'm starting to view the world through a sepia tint, I was also reminded a little of myself when I was 19 (albeit they didn't really have blogs then, and I don't think that if they had I would ever have had the patience to use so many different coloured fonts).

Hel Fire went to see Morrissey for the very first time the other day... and her review is a corker. She travelled up to Manchester from Exeter for the occasion! She crowd surfed! She fought for a piece of our hero's shirt! She broke her glasses! Devotion above and beyond the call of duty and I salute her.

That on its own would probably be enough, but as I have also just stolen her DVLA thing, this frankly seems like the least I can do.

Anyway. I like her. Blog of the Week.

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