Wednesday 24 May 2006

wham bang mon chat "Splash"...

Well, that's more or less it from me for the next couple of days. Tomorrow morning we will be boarding a plane to head out to Paris. C's parents live out in France, so I've made this journey many times before... the difference this time is that it's C's birthday tomorrow, so we are going to linger a little while in Paris. We are booked into some swanky hotel for the night, and the plan is to have a nice meal on Thursday and then spend most of the day on Friday wandering around the Louvre (perhaps looking for signs of the Divine Feminine....or perhaps not, eh?) and possibly the Rodin museum before hopping onto a train to head down to Orleans and the Loire.

We'll then spend a couple of days with C's mum and dad, generally taking it easy... but also going out to Sancerre on Sunday for some wine tasting.

Nice food. Beautiful scenery. Good wine. Excellent company. Sounds good, non?

A bientôt mes petits choufleurs. A Lundi soir.

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