Friday 4 August 2006

all things go, all things go (I made a lot of mistakes)

Earworms of the Week

10) "Suedehead (live)" - Morrissey

The version off the "Beethoven is Dead" album in particular, since you asked.

9) "Leningrad" - Billy Joel

I've unsurprisingly had a lot of Billy Joel songs in my head recently - what with the concert and with taking his Greatest Hits CD with me on holiday - but he's just great, isn't he? I've been singing this one (out loud) for most of the day today. At my desk.

Inevitably, it wasn't long before easily-infected Gareth was singing along too, and I'm not sure he is even familiar with it.

8) "Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)" - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

I knew the second that this popped on on my iPod the other day that this would be with me incessantly for most of the next couple of years. The only cure is probably to listen to the theme from Flashdance, but that's a solution that has flaws.

7) "Fallen Angel" - Elbow

I like Elbow. I bet you would too if you gave them a chance.

6) “Kirby’s House” - Razorlight

My favourite off the new album after one listen (and to be fair, I'd already heard this on "Help: A Day In The Life"). It's a pretty poppy album. I'm not sure I like it yet, but I'm seeing them live in a couple of months, and that will probably tell me for sure.

5) “You Got the Love” – The Source feat. Candi Statton

Sadly, I caught this on the radio this morning.

Fatal. I didn't stand a chance.

4) "Smile" - Lily Allen

I'm not firmly of the opinion that not only is this song annoying, but that Lily Allen is also a tedious, attention seeking little brat. It's not this week's comments about Madonna/James Blunt/lesbian trysts in Ibiza that annoyed me especially, it's just her general "rent-a-gob" persona generally. Her comments about Pete Doherty and heroin addiction were just ill-thought out rubbish said whilst trying to be controversial.

"I do think he has to be exterminated. It is a bit dull, isn't it? I've always been surrounded by smackheads anyway. It's like, 'get over it'."

Do us all a favour and shut up, you silly little girl.

And her dad. I can't stand her dad either.

3) "It's Beginning To Get To Me" - Snow Patrol

Because it's great.

2) "Harrowdown Hill" - Thom Yorke

I'm not sure what to make "The Eraser". On the whole I think it's pretty good, but there's something prickly about it that stops it being an album that I can love. This song is aces though.... all looping bass and righteous anger.

1) "Chicago" - Sufjan Stevens

I'd heard loads about Sufjan Stevens without actually hearing any of his music. Apart from anything else, don't you think that "(Come On Feel The) Illinoise" is one of the greatest album titles of all time?

I downloaded this one cold, largely because it's his most famous song and because it's namechecked in a Snow Patrol song.

It's BRILLIANT. Kind of folk-y (unless my ears are deceiving me, I think there's some banjo in there), but with a wistful and slightly melancholic air and a repeating lyric. I love it.

I will be purchasing the album forthwith.


Right. Off to Harrogate and then the cricket.

See you Sunday.


  1. Ah, I did wonder who the chuff Snow Partol were on aboout.

    So far the Razorlight album is doing ok in Flashland, The Eraser is not fairing quite so well yet. Like you though, Harrowdown Hill is the standout for me.

  2. 2 things:

    1. My review of bytheseashore's Shuffleathon disc is up.

    2. Because of the review, I had "We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands" stuck in my head all afternoon.

  3. Now I've got Make Me Smile stuck in my head. Earworm-tastic!

  4. Suedehead made me think Morrissey solo might be as good as The Smiths were.

  5. which was cruel of Morrissey... if you pruned the best of Morissey down to the number of songs The Smiths did, it still wouldn't be so good. Every song The Smiths did was brilliance, the same cannot be said of Morrissey.

  6. Elbow I most certainly do like. But I'd rather saw off my legs than listen to the Razorlight album again.

  7. At the Lovebox Weekender festival in Victoria Park, Lilly Allen came on as a surprise guest, and sang a cover of 'Oh my god' by the Kaiser Chiefs, which was pretty funky.

    I am sorry, I think she is gorgeous even if she is a mouthy whippersnapper with misguided ideas about Madonna (who I also adore).

  8. 'Fallen Angel' - decent song.

    You got Illinois yet? 'Chicago' is one of the standouts, but it's all good.

    Del: I'd rather saw my legs off than listen to the Razorlight album for the first time.