Wednesday 22 November 2006

but just for a short while....

The Bluetones @ Nottingham Rescue Rooms, 22nd November 2006

I think the Bluetones are ace. Where many other bands in the same position might have given up the ghost years ago, the Bluetones are still plugging away. The band had their biggest hit ("Slight Return") way back in 1996. It made it all the way to number two, only being held off the top spot only by Babylon Zoo's Levi Jeans powered hit, "Spaceman". Their debut album, "Expecting to Fly" debuted at number one, and although they've had seven top twenty hits in all, you might say that it's been all downhill since.

You might say that, but I'd say that you were wrong: The Bluetones may not trouble the chart much any more, but I think that they've been getting better and better. "Luxembourg" is a fantastic album, for starters, and the new album has been getting some excellent reviews.

Look at the songs: as well as "Slight Return", the Bluetones are able to offer up stuff as good as "Solomon Bites The Worm", "Bluetonic", "Marblehead Johnson", "Never Going Nowhere", "Autophilia" and "Cut Some Rug".

They're a good show too. They don't pretend to be something that they are not, and they just seem comfortable enough with themselves and with their fanbase to just get on with their set. Singer Mark Morriss has an easy banter with the crowd - responding to a fan's request by interrupting their setlist to play "Autophilia" but then also calmly ignoring the same fan as he tried to dictate what came next for the rest of the set.

What else can I say? They were good. I saw them last November, on the same day that Sarah found out that her request for a sabbatical had been accepted. Well, she's in Vietnam at the moment, and today was her birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah - Lord B and I both raised a glass to you, and, if we'd told them, I'm sure that the Bluetones would have done too.


And now, if you'll excuse me, my attention is being drawn to the small matter of the first ashes test of the 2006/7 series between Australia and England at the Gabba in Brisbane. It's nearly half-past twelve in the morning and I have to be at work tomorrow, but it's the Ashes innit? No Monty Panesar, we lost the toss and Steve Harmison opened up with a wide... but we can still do it, right?


  1. I discovered a stack of Bluetones stuff in the mysterious box of music under my bed the other week. Slight Return is a fantastic track. I've seen them a few times and am disappointed they've not come this far up on this tour.

    As for cricket? Pah.

  2. Slight Return and Babylon Zoo remind me of Euro 96 and the dentist's chair for some reason. Seems like only yesterday.

    Cricket's not exactly gone well, has it...

  3. never judge a game until both sides have batted - never mind judging a 5 test series on the first day's play!

    have some faith.


  4. The only thing I like about the Bluetones is the fact that some lame-o CD single I accidentally bought for 50p in a Woolworths sale made me about £35 on eBay.

    Actually, that's quite a big reason to like them. Yay Bluetones!

    (I still own the Babylon Zoo album, make of that what you will)

  5. bless you Lizzy, but that's almost exactly what you said about them last time!

    You're ace!


  6. Ah... Just dugout their first album....I knew I had it somewhere.

    Gonna stick it on in a minute. It does have a lovely peacock on the front.

    ooh it's just started playing and the memories are flooding back.