Thursday 27 November 2008

my favourite waste of time....

Shuffleathon 2008 Update

Enough about New York, for a day at least. How about we catch up on the really important stuff? Shuffleathon time......

We've had our first review too... so well done Michael for the double-quick turnaround time, and kudos to Jerry for getting his CD out into the post so quickly. You're way ahead of me, at any rate.

As you'll see from the table below, we've got a number of CDs already made and out somewhere in the postal system, so hopefully we'll see a few more being received and reviewed in the next week or so.... don't forget to let me know when yours arrives.

If you are a sluggard like me and you haven't even got round to really thinking what your first track is going to be, nevermind what else you're going to put on it and when you're going to post it.... galvanise yourselves! we can do this thing if we put our minds to it! If I can do it, anyone can do it. Let us tarry no more! Away! Away! Away to your CD burners.

Don't forget to drop me a line when you get your CD out into the post, and also to let me know when yours turns up and when you have completed your review. The reviews are at least half of the fun, if you ask me. How many different ways can you say you don't like something without seeming rude?

ShufflerPosted out
1. Me

2. Mandy

3. Charlie

4. Planet Me

5. Ian

6. Mike

7. Jerry

8. monogodo

9. Erika

10. Michael
11. Lisa

12. Cody Bones

13. Del

14. RussL

15. Tina

16. Wombat

17. Joe the Troll

18. JamieS

19. Cat

20. Rol

21. Beth

22. asta

23. bedshaped

24. Paul

25. Alan

26. Astronaut

27. Threelight

28. The Great Grape Ape

29. Paul W

30. Ben


We're well underway expect more of this anon.

It's a good game, this.


  1. Excellent idea.

    I'm as jealous as fuc . . . one can be.

  2. Mine's done, on iTunes, and ready to go. But I keep forgetting to buy blank CDs. So much easier to do it virtually!