Monday 18 January 2010

close my eyes and drift away....

After a huge blowout "help us drink our excess booze before we go away" party on Saturday (2 bottles of decent champagne, several bottles of white wine, some proper cellared red-wine that needed drinking, some other assorted bottles of red wine and a bottle of cellared Sauternes dessert wine.... all *after* a quick two hour trip to the pub), I think it's fair to say that I had a fairly quiet Sunday.

A lazy pub lunch before we said goodbye to our visitors and retreated back to bed for book, "Ghostbusters", CSI and the Simpsons.  I did get up again, but only to come downstairs to read some more of my book in front of the fire with some homemade soup.

I've had worse days.

.... and I could have done with more of the same today, to be honest.  Still, four more days of this and then that's me done for the next few months, so I'd probably best not complain too loudly, eh?  My boss even managed to get around to announcing (via email) that I was leaving to one set of my customers today.  Perhaps he'll tell a few more before I actually go.  Less than a week's notice.  Not bad going when he's known for 3 months.  I doubt they'll really notice I've gone.

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