Friday 26 November 2010

but it's truly, truly a sin....

Earworms of the Week

 "My Sharona" - The Knack

Best.  Intro.  Ever.

"Bigmouth Strikes Again" - The Smiths

"The Queen is Dead" was played in full on BBC Radio One on Wednesday this week as part of Zane Lowe's Masterpieces series.  As I was out at the Interpol gig, I haven't got around to listening to all of the "making of" stuff that they will have broadcast before they played the album.  It's a classic, of course, but it has never been my favourite Smiths album.  If you don't count "Hatful of Hollow" (which some people don't), then that honour belongs to "Strangeways Here We Come".  Don't get me wrong though, TQID is an amazing album with some amazing songs.... not least of all this one.  People think that The Smiths are a miserable band, but they are doubly mistaken: firstly because Morrissey may sound doleful, but is actually often very playful; secondly because of Johnny Marr's masterful guitar work, of which this song is an excellent example.  Morrissey tends to grab all the focus with his attention-seeking lyrics, but check out that guitar work.  I've said it before, but the older I get (and the more solo albums Moz releases), the more I appreciate what Johnny Marr brought to the party.

"Don't Sleep in the Subway" - Petula Clark

I haven't listened to this in years, but if you thought that all Petula Clark ever did was "Downtown", then you really need to wrap your ears around this.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" - Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips as a whole, I don't really get.  This song, however, I absolutely love.

"Babies" - Pulp

Do you know what?  After all these years, I'm not exactly sure what these lyrics mean.  I get that Jarvis is being all pervy and voyeuristic.... but I'm a little confused about what he's doing to who.  It's a great song, obviously, and probably the song that first got me really interested in Pulp.  But you know, those lyrics could be clearer.  Very much looking forward to seeing this lot at Glastonbury in 2011.

"After Hours" - We Are Scientists

They're playing Nottingham this weekend, and although I won't be in attendance, they're always tremendous value as a live act.  I remain fonder of their first album, and their second album has never really hit the spot for me.... but...but... this song is amazing.  I can't quite work out if I really love this song because of the amazing video, or if I just like the song.  It's a good song, sure, but the video is astonishing.  Hmmm.

"Scoundrel Days" - a-ha

One of the first albums I ever owned, and yet when I hear the title track played live for the first time last weekend, it took me a little while to place it.  Personally, I thought Morten struggled to hit the highest notes in this when he sang it last Sunday night, but perhaps I'm mistaken.  Well, I wouldn't want to have any of his fanclub hunt me down and kill me for suggesting such a heresy.  It's a great song though, and a fantastic album too.

"Between the Wars" - Billy Bragg

This song keeps on coming back.  When it popped up on my iPod on the way into work this morning, I just knew that I had to buy a ticket to his gig at Rock City on Thursday night next week.  So I did.  I've seen him at least ten times before, probably more than any other single artist, but I'm still excited about seeing him again.  That's good, right?

"PDA" - Interpol

Not my favourite song off their debut album (that's probably "Obstacle 2"), but it's a cast iron classic.  It also sounded awesome when they closed their set with it on Wednesday night.  It wasn't their best live performance, but they were still pretty damn good, and that debut album is right up there.

"Pale Blue Eyes" - Velvet Underground

Yes, yes.... so choosing Suede over the reformed Velvet Underground at Glastonbury 1993 probably wasn't my wisest gig choice.   I don't know if they played this or not, but it's an incredible song.  Lou Reed is certainly not the purest singer in the world, but he is an incredible vocalist.  Listen to the bruised vulnerability as he sings this song.  Amazing.  I wonder where he would get if he turned up to an X-Factor audition.  Past the first round, do you think?  Do you reckon that even if he performed this, anyone on that panel would look at him twice.  Hmm.  It's not exactly the kind of song they're going to give to this year's winner, is it?  And to be perfectly honest, in my books, that's perhaps no bad thing.  I like this song just the way it is, and I doubt anyone else could do it any justice.

And to think it took the VU some 25 years before their records began to sell in any numbers.  Shows that most people have ears that are painted on.  Painted on, dammit!

Have a good weekend y'all.  I'm mostly going to be sleeping.

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  1. I love Pale Blue Eyes.........must go find and play now.