Wednesday 23 February 2011

fingers and thumbs....

I'm not entirely sure how it started, but I have become a gesticulator. I suppose, as I could claim French nationality by marriage, that this ought to be my incomparable range of gallic shrugs. Unfortunately not (although I am working on them. along with a puff of the cheeks that is supposed to indicate my general insouciance to the whims of an impatient world). No, my gesticulation of choice appears to be the Paul McCartney thumbs up. Yup.  The Macca thumbs aloft.  Not half as much of a hit with the ladies, I'll wager (Macca: Linda.  Serge Gainsbourg: Brigitte Bardot.  I rest my case).  There is basically nothing that can be said in favour of this inane gesture. Even as I catch myself doing it, apparently to affirm my support and agreement with someone, I feel a complete fool. Apart from Macca, who really does that? And even if people DO do that, do I want to be seen as one of THOSE people?

No. I do not.

I am therefore trying to nip this unfortunate habit in the bud. From now onwards, unless I am trying to communicate to someone with whom I do not share a language, to the deaf, or I am trying to signal across a crowded bar when someone is offering to buy me a drink, the thumbs up.... especially the double thumbs up... is hereby barred. VERBOTEN. Closed for business.

If I don't catch this habit now, who knows where it will lead? Pointing, or some other such vulgarity, I should think.

Oh, but for the record, the throwing of the Vs or the bird to signal disapproval or dismissal is still very much on my agenda. In fact, from now on, I will be very much throwing the Vs at my raised thumbs, both metaphorically and literally. As required.

 Up yours.

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  1. Worse than that I seem to have developed a habit of winking. And not in a sexy way, more in a "cheeky chappy" way to members of both sexes. Heaven help me.