Wednesday 17 July 2013

big star overnight....

At the beginning of March 2014, I will have been blogging for ten years.  In all that time, and in spite of the millions and millions of words I have gifted spewed onto the Internet and my obvious talent and star quality, I haven't exactly been inundated with interview requests.  Or book deals.

Never mind.  The worm may finally be about to turn.  I have just been featured over at Uborka!
If you want to find out my views on where I am living, why I grew a beard, my most satisfying achievement of the last seven years and why I feel like a musical fraud, then you'd best make your way over there now and read the article:

Where are they now? An Interview with Swisslet

One of the things that I've learned from doing this is that it seems that my 2009 identity switch from SwissToni to Swisslet apparently confused a few people who wondered where I had gone.  Maybe there's a massive nostalgia market just waiting for a SwissToni comeback?  Or maybe I've been around so long that I'm finally coming into fashion?

Hmm.  Perhaps not.

Well, regardless.  I now await the arrival of my book deal with a renewed sense of anticipation.

Thanks to Karen and Pete for having me, and thanks to Gordon for tagging me and asking the questions.  It's a splendid website anyway, so if you haven't discovered them yet, then you should get yourself over there forthwith! (The most recent post, "Safeguarding" is fantastic, for starters.  "In here [the Internet], shy people can be gregarious, anti-social people can make friends, people having a hard time can get support, people can find out that there’s a name for the way they feel and that they’re not the only one to feel it."  Beautifully put.)

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