Friday 6 September 2013

words of love and words so leisured....

Earworms of the Week

The Seekers – “Georgy Girl

The title song for the film of the same name.  Lyrics by Jim Dale.  Yes, the same Jim Dale who was in all of those Carry On films.  I'm not quite sure why this is in my head, because I haven't heard it recently.  Someone did describe the department where I work today as "Carry On IT", but I doubt it was that.  In fact, I can't remember hearing this song in years.  Go figure.  Still, worse things happen at sea, etc.

The Spice Girls – “Say You’ll Be There

Those worse things that happen at sea?  THIS.  I am cursed to remember almost every word of the Spice Girls' first album because I was working in HMV when it was released, and so had the great pleasure of listening to it over-and-over again for MONTHS.  This song was their second single, released as the fuss around "Wannabe" began to fade.  You'll probably remember the video of them in the desert making out like techno ninjas, or somesuch.  And all because someone said something that sounded a bit like "and this I swear".  That was all it took.  I piss on you!

One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful

One Direction fans are about as tedious and deluded as the fans of every other boy band in the history of time. Sadly for the rest of us, they have access to social media and can make their tedious thoughts and childish threats all too public.  Perhaps 1D will be the next Beatles.  Who knows?  I'm fairly certain there are going to be some sheepish looking adults looking back with great embarrassment about the extent of the fuss they made over this lot.  Worth it?  Really?  I interviewed a guy in one of my company's local stores on Wednesday.  He was really good - yet another decent graduate forced to take A job rather than THE job.  Anyway - and I know I sound like a bitter bald, old git when I say this - but he had One Direction hair.  You know, the kind that is flattened down in some places and spiked up in others.  I'm afraid I don't understand why you would waste perfectly good time constructing something as pointless as that.  But then, I've just been to the barbers and had a grade 2 all over, so what would I know about it?

Metallica – “Broken, Beat and Scarred

Rise, fall down, rise again
Rise, fall down, rise again

Dumb, but brilliant.

Joe Dassin – “Les Champs-Élysées

C. absolutely loves this song.  She doesn't go in for singing along in the car very often, but she really lets rip when this one comes on.... which, of course, is a great reason for having it on in the car in the first place.  She likes a bit of Johnny Cash too.  That's my girl.

Robin Thicke – “Blurred Lines

C actually played me this song on YouTube the other day - before the whole twerking thing, actually - because she was talking about the song with the girls at work and when she was telling me about it, I had no idea what she was talking about. It had completely and utterly passed me by.  I had never heard of Robin Thicke and I had certainly never heard the song.  Then she played it for me, and I thought it was shit.  Utter shit.  
I know you want it?  You're a good girl?  FFS, really?
Apparently this is massive.  DO NOT GET.

Weezer – “Island in the Sun

This song is a happy place.  Hip, hip.

The Clash – “White Riot

Just for that footage of Joe Strummer belting this into the microphone, laying down the vocal track in the studio.  They're remastered all their stuff, apparently.  Sounded pretty good to me already, to be honest.

Neil Diamond – “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

Great song.  I think operation Yewtree may want a word, but it's a great song.

Franz Ferdinand – “Darts of Pleasure

They've got a new album out soon, but I wasn't that much taken by the single.  It's been slowly diminishing returns since their fantastic debut album, really.  Still, I had that on again the other day, and it remains a fantastic, fresh sounding record.  It's not that their other stuff isn't any good, it's just that it isn't quite AS good as that.

And what better way to leave you on a Friday afternoon than with this?

Ich heiße Superphantastisch!
Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch!
Ich heiße Su-per-phan-tas-tisch!

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. The syntax on "Broken, Beat & Scarred" really bothered me because it is obviously wrong.

  2. It's a big, dumb rock song. I think the shitty syntax makes it! (I looked the lyrics up online, actually. Some people seem to think that it's "what don't kill you'll make you more strong", as if that helps!