Friday 18 April 2014

I knew nothing of the horses....

Earworms of the Week

Walking in Memphis” – Cher

Another very mixed bag this week.  For some reason, when this popped into my head, I had the horrible thought that it might be a version by Michael Bolton.  Apparently though, it's a song that everyone thinks he has covered but he actually has not.  I'm not claiming any high ground here, relieved as I was, because the version in my head wasn't the original, but was the one by Cher.  Yeah.  Better, but not by a whole lot.

(Remember) Walking in the Sand” - The Shangri-Las

The first version of this I ever heard was by Aerosmith on their classic Greatest Hits album, and that's pretty good.... but you really can't go wrong with the original, can you?

Snooker Loopy” – Chas N Dave & the Matchroom Mob

The World Championship Snooker starts in the next few days, and you really can't argue with this little beauty, can you?  Reached something like number 7 in the UK Singles Charts, and I doubt there has ever been a finer record in that position in the history of recorded music.

Brick House” – The Commodores
September” – Earth, Wind & Fire

These two are paired in my head, and were triggered by one of my team saying (in response to one of those icebreaker question things) that "September" was the song that she would have playing all day every day in her head, if she had to choose something.  She played me a little, and it's obviously one of those records that everybody knows.  Would I want it playing in my head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Well, no.  Particularly not the dance remix version she's got..... but I suppose you could have worse.  "Brick House" is entirely unconnected to that anecdote, but "September" brought it to mind, for some reason, and it just started playing in my head.

You Can Go Your Own Way” – Fleetwood Mac

Probably going to be the unnamed headliner at Glastonbury on the Saturday night, aren't they?  Reckon I'll give them a miss.  I'm hoping they name Metallica, to be honest.

In The Air Tonight” – Phil Collins

**air drumming**

Blanket of the Night” - Elbow

Because it's a great, compassionate song by a warm, compassionate band.  Their new album is excellent, perhaps their best, and they were pretty good on Monday night.  Lovely, lovely Guy.

Farmer in the City” – Scott Walker

This sounded like it came from another planet when "Tilt" came out in 1995, but the twenty years since have seen it grow and grow to the point where it now doesn't sound that outlandish at all.... perhaps I've just got more comfortable with it and it's a lot more normal than most of Scott's subsequent output, or perhaps he was simply twenty years ahead of his time.  Whatever, this is a brilliant song by one of my all time favourites and I'm definitely not sorry to have it in my head.

And that's your lot.  Short and sweet this week, but I've just had a bonus day in the office helping resolve a huge issue, and I'd like to get on to my weekend and to help celebrate a good friend of this blog's wedding.... and her new husband too.  Parp!

Stay classy.

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