Wednesday 21 May 2014

where the girls are so pretty....

This morning's routine was a little different to normal: instead of leaving the house around 07:15 and cycling to the office, today I left at about 04:45 and headed to Birmingham airport to spend the day in Dublin.

Austerity being what it is, this was only to be a daytrip - no overnight stops for us, but the sad reality is that a return flight to Dublin is cheaper than a train ticket from Nottingham to London, and door-to-door it might even be a little quicker.

I walked back in through my front door at about 20:30 this evening.  The day was mostly meetings with a quick store visit in-between, but I'd be lying if I said that the trip was entirely joyless.

It was a lovely, sunny day and I was travelling with three lovely ladies (who are NOT Escorts, but if they were would be the really expensive kind).  I guess it wasn't so bad really.



  1. I've a question about the beers in the picture.

    I'm assuming that all 4 glasses are filled with Guinness. The two on the left are pint glasses. Are the two on the right 12-oz (or whatever metric size smaller than a pint is popular) glasses? Why are the two on the right not also pints?

  2. They're half pints, Dan. I was travelling with three young ladies. I had one of the pints, and one of my colleagues had the other. The two others don't really like beer, so ordered a glass of wine each, but felt they needed to make the effort, so had a half of Guinness each. When in Dublin.... it really does taste better. We'd had a long day and it was good to have a taste of the good stuff before we flew home.

  3. I was driving us back from the airport when we got back to Birmingham, otherwise I may have sneaked in another!

  4. I was just curious. I've seen 10-oz, 12-oz, pint & 22-oz draft beer sizes, and was just curious as to what the smaller size would be.

    I'm sure Guinness in Dublin tastes better than it would elsewhere, especially compared to how it tastes here. I'm also sure they serve it at the proper temperature in a non-chilled glass vs. here where it'd probably show up in a frosted glass.

    And there ain't nothin' wrong with imbibing in moderation.

  5. They serve it way too cold in England too, Dan. Not in a chilled glass, but generally super-chilled (which I think hides that it tastes heavier). In Ireland it is served at the right temperature and tastes like a dark beer rather than liquid nitrogen. The whole two-pour process (which the barman did for those beers in Dublin) is apparently a marketing ploy that does absolutely nothing for the taste. He didn't outline a shamrock in the head at the top of the glass either ;-)