Thursday 5 June 2014

Thursday I don't care about you....

As I was getting ready after cycling to work this morning, I noticed that another guy in the changing room was pulling on a pair of days of the week socks.  He was a grown man, well into his thirties, but he was pulling on a pair of days of the week socks.

Not just any day, mind.... he was pulling on a pair of Thursdays.

If it was me, I'd be wearing Mondays on a Thursday just to BLOW YOUR MIND.  This guy?  Well, I guess that, in his world, irony is for other people and that some things are just too sacred to be messed with.

Actually, now I think about it, all of my work socks are a uniform black.  Until I got married, I just washed them and used them interchangeably.  Early into our relationship, I found C. cursing how hard it was to pair my socks, and I had to point out to her that it was literally impossible because I had never at any point made any effort to keep them as unique pairs because, from my point of view, they were interchangeable.

To even be organised enough to have a specific pair of socks to wear on a specific day BLOWS MY MIND.  I'm marvelling at the logistics of this: if this guy keeps his socks in a ball like everybody else, how does he even know which day to wear?  Does he have a separate drawer in his wardrobe for each day's clothes?  That would be weird, right?  I didn't look closely enough to see if he was also wearing days of the week pants....

I might be overthinking this.


  1. i had a complete set of 'days of the week' socks and i physically could NOT bring myself to wear them on the wrong days - it actually helped me in a way, in that it was one less decision to make in the morning - "what day is it? oh, THOSE socks then"

    day of the week pants would be a step too far, i feel.

    one of the things that the NCT don't warn you about becoming a parent is the atrocities which will be meted out in the form of novelty socks as a present from your child(ren) - i have a set of Muppet socks (excellent, natch) which are fine for work as the character face is hidden by my shoes - the Batman socks, however, have to be saved for weekends for fear of looking insane

  2. I told this story to someone else in the changing rooms on Friday, and he stopped me dead by telling me that he was wearing a pair of "Fridays" that very morning. Apparently he keeps them loosely paired so he can tell them apart. Now we know, eh? Is this more widespread than I thought?

  3. wearing the wrong day is apparently just weird.