Friday 1 August 2014

the moment of clarity...

I had a brief conversation with one of my fellow cyclists in the changing rooms at work this morning. I know him vaguely, but mostly we’re on nodding terms because we cycle to work on much the same route at around about the same times of day, and he frequently whizzes past me.

“I saw you out running the other day too, Tim. Are you in training for something?”
“Not really".
"So you just like exercising?"
"I don’t even really count cycling as exercise any more”

He laughed as though this was funny.  I don’t find it funny.  I'm serious.  It's a fairly flat 4 miles each way to work and if I only do that in a day and no other form of exercise, it definitely counts as a rest day.

I've just checked and apparently I’ve cycled nearly 1000 miles so far this year.  8 miles a day, five times a week.... it soon adds up.

Still doesn't count.

Be honest with me: do you think I’ve got a problem?  As I cycled home in the lashing rain this evening, I have to admit that even I wondered....


  1. Back in 1989, I was cycling enough to be in shape to ride a 100 km charity ride (in 100° F + temps), but when I then ran a 5 km fun run the day of my dad's wedding a month later, it nearly killed me. While I was in fairly good physical condition, I was not in any kind of running condition.

    If the only exercise you're getting is that 4 mile ride to & from work, then I'd say that yes, it counts. Since you appear to be more of a runner/jogger, I'd probably not count the bike commute as a work out. Especially since you can coast on a bike.

  2. Actually, I think my cycling has made me a faster runner. I've been cycle commuting about a year now, and I think it's put strength into my legs that wasn't there before. So I suppose it's good for that, anyway...

  3. I do seem determined to drive myself into the ground, though. After my run on a Saturday, I frequently spend all afternoon snoozing in my chair. Every ounce of energy I have.... but I don't want to stop.