Tuesday 17 March 2015

eyes on the prize...

Back in the day, when I ran a half marathon, I would taper carefully down to make sure I didn't have tired legs on the starting line, and when I finished, I would treat myself to a few beers, a slap up dinner and a few days off running.  I'd probably feel pretty pleased with myself too, and wobble around in a self-satisfied manner for a few days on very sore legs.

Not any more.  I don't have time for any of that now.

We're running the Reading half marathon on Sunday, and what this mostly means to me is that I get to have an easy long run of only thirteen miles when my training programme says I should be doing 16-18 miles.  I won't really be resting my legs either: I ran six miles on Monday and have another 16 miles planned over three runs before we get to Reading, including parkrun on Saturday morning.  I'll also be back out running on the Monday night after the race too.

It's race practice, innit.

With a little over five weeks to go before the London marathon, this is a chance to run through our starting line routines and to try out the gear we're planning to wear for the big day. This means that the MS Trust vest with my name printed on the front and back will be making its debut.  I'll also be liberally coating various parts of my body in lubricant, but you probably don't want to know much more about that sort of thing. Reading is apparently very flat and fast as half marathons go, but we're not really going for a time.  C's PB is 2hrs 2mins, and I'm convinced she's got a sub-2hr half marathon in her.... (and, actually, I've *never* run a half marathon slower than 2 hours) but the time isn't really what this race is about for us this time around.  We're focused on London, baby.

We're doing pretty well with sponsorship at the moment, but we're still some way off our target.  Anything you can give will be going to a fantastic charity and will give me that little bit of extra motivation to keep going when the miles really start to hurt.

You can find our page here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/TCMS

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