Wednesday 2 November 2016


I've had some post from the MS Trust.

It's a little pamphlet suggesting ways that you can raise money to support what is a very worth charity indeed.  My wife is a trustee now, you know. There's a Survival skills weekend, a Grand Canyon Trek, an Alps Trek, an Iceland Trek, a Sahara Trek, a Great Wall of China Trek, a Kilimanjaro Trek... lots of Treks.

Don't fancy that? How about cycling? You can cycle London to Paris, the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100, London to Brighton, the MS Circuit Challenge at Goodwood.

No? How about skydiving, a reindeer rally, attending a massive garden party, baking a cake for a Christmas Cake Off or maybe just painting yourself blue?  It's all here.

What about running?  Well,  let's see: you can do the British 10k London Run, the Great North Run.....

....oh, wait a minute.... what's this?

Oh man.  That guy gets everywhere.

But you know, there's a reminder in the back of the booklet about why we do these things:

"Because we receive no government funding, we rely on our supporters to fund our vital work.  People like you, who donate or take part in events like the ones in this brochure, contribute one third of our total income.  All the pennies, all the pounds you collect by running, cycling, partying or baking, really add up.

"The funds you raise will make a difference today for people living with MS.  You could help fund a new MS nurse for people who are currently having to manage MS alone.

"You could help train and support every MS specialist nurse in the UK to make a difference for hundreds of thousands of people with MS.

"And you could help to make sure that there's reliable, trustworthy information available to help everyone with MS make decisions that are right for them."

And as Lucy says here, you have a chance to prove that love for life can prevail over illness.

More power to them, I say.  All of the runners, cyclists, trekkers, bakers, jumpers.... the whole damn lot of them.

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