Wednesday 28 October 2015

tuesday's grey and Wednesday too...

I usually inject on a Tuesday night.

This morning, I woke up after a restless, sweaty night's sleep to find that everything ached and that I felt as though I was being gently pushed back into the mattress by an unseen hand.

I dragged myself out of bed and unsteadily made my way to the bathroom, dragging the left side of my body a bit as I went.  It was raining and, as I cleaned my teeth and contemplated a soggy bike ride to work, I realised that I had a thumping headache.  Brilliant.  Just another Wednesday morning in my life.

I've been pretty lucky with the side-effects that I get from this drug: some people ultimately find the side effects so onerous that they prefer take their chances with the uncertain progression of their MS rather than dealing with the certainty of unpleasant side-effects every week.  There is, after all, no cure for MS and these drugs are only designed to *maybe* slow down the progression of the disease.  No one knows for sure if they actually make a difference, and because MS is so different for everyone individual sufferer and because there is no way of knowing what 'normal' disease progression looks like, no one could ever say for sure if they make a damn bit of difference.  You can well understand why some people decide not to bother, particularly if taking them makes them feel like death for a decent part of every week.

Since the very first day that I was asked to consider taking Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) for my MS, I've instinctively held the view that I would rather do something than nothing, even if there's no way of knowing if that something is actually doing anything.  Perhaps it would be a different story if the side-effects of my chosen drug hit me like a sledgehammer every Wednesday morning..... but the side-effects are manageable; it's a bit of a bind, for sure, and I don't exactly relish Wednesday mornings but it's nothing that I can't live with.

So this morning, like most other Wednesday mornings, I took a couple of paracetamol and just got on with my day.  It was a bit of a disappointment to remember, a little later on, that I'd actually forgotten to inject on Tuesday night and was going to have to do it on Wednesday evening instead.

Oh well.  Roll on Thursday morning, eh?

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