Friday 4 November 2016

rain keeps falling down, down, down, down....


LET me forget—Let me forget,
I am weary of remembrance,
And my brow is ever wet,
With tears of my remembrance,
With the tears and bloody sweat,—
Let me forget.

If ye forget—If ye forget,
Then your children must remember,
And their brow be ever wet,
With the tears of their remembrance,
With the tears and bloody sweat,—
If ye forget.

G.A. Studdert Kennedy

Sadly, our memories seem to be all too short.


Speaking of history, did I ever tell you that the title of my Masters Dissertation was "Historical Precedent and the Deposition of Henry VI".  A real page-turner of a read, it analysed how the successive depositions of Edward II (1327), Richard II (1399) and Henry VI (1461) saw the usurping kings increasingly using the authority of parliament to legitimize their rule... and each time they did, it saw the sovereign power of Parliament increase, ultimately leading to Parliament executing a king for treason in 1649.

If any journalists want to get in touch for a comment on the current high court decision on Article 50, I can be reached through my agent.

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